3 Things You Must Consider When Planning a Wedding

Posted on September 12, 2018 By

Almost every couple who want to wed has some ideal wedding planned in their head. Everyone has a unique preference for the type of wedding dress they desire, the reception setting, and even the honeymoon trip. While you may be caught up in the beauty of the event, a lot of things must be put into perspective. With Weddings, every detail matters, ranging from the gifts to the repair kits. Here are three things that must be considered during the preparation.

The Venue and the Wedding Reception

When deciding on the wedding venue or reception, there are key things that should be put into consideration. First is the maximum capacity; the venue should be able to accommodate all the invited guests and should comfortably cater for the few uninvited who might appear as the third party. There should also be safety measures put in place at the venue in case of injury or property damage which calls for liability insurance by the event planners.

The Brides/groom and Bridesmaids/Groomsmen

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to dressing the bride, groom, and the bridesmaids. Planners must hire hair and makeup professionals who would ensure that the hairstyles are done best. Other things that must be catered for prior to the wedding include the dresses, underwear, shoes, a garter for the bride, necklaces, and earrings. In the case of the groom and groomsmen, there should be cummerbunds for those hiring suits.

The Transport and Cars

Several cars are always used for a wedding. For starters, there should be a bridal car that is used to transport the father of the bride and the bride to the wedding as well as the couple to the honeymoon destination. There should also be a bridesmaid’s car to transport the flower girls and bridesmaids. Grooms and groomsmen should also have convenient transport to the wedding venue. A car ribbon must also be purchased earlier for the wedding cars.

Planning for a wedding involves dedication and attention to ensure that everything is prepared. Ranging from the bride to the maids and groomsmen, there should be well-fitted wear, makeup, and cars for transportation to the wedding venue and honeymoon destination. Considering the above factors would mean that every visitor at the wedding is catered for and the wedding couple gets the best service.

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