Tips For Designing And Installing The Perfect Residential Garden

Posted on December 28, 2017 By

A beautiful, well-kept garden adds visual appeal to your property. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and creates a great impression on the minds of your visitors. Most landscaped gardens and lawns are the handiwork of professional garden care services, but that is not to say it’s impossible to design a perfect residential garden. In fact, many home owners are avid gardeners themselves, taking pride in a well-maintained garden. You can do it too if you love plants and enjoy working on outdoor gardening projects.

Here, we give you some tips for designing and installing the perfect residential garden.

1.Before you begin designing your garden, check out your yard space, the type of soil and the lay of the land. If yours is a sloping landscape for example, consider having a sloping lawn or if it is just a small space by the side of the street, you can think of a simple curbside green space with a couple of leafy trees planted near the border.

2.Think about how your residential garden space will be used do you plan on entertaining friends outdoors, do your kids need a play area? What about pets? Consider all those factors that are likely to have an impact on your garden space and then design your perfect residential garden.

3.The simplest design for a perfect residential garden is one with a central lawn area bordered by flowerbeds. Island flowerbeds with colourful perennials break the monotony in the landscape. Large trees planted along the fence not only create a natural screen but also provide a cool and shady landscape.

4.A outdoor sitting area is an important part of a perfect residential garden. Consider the location for the sit-out; you might have it as an extension to the house or create a seating space using pavers or tiles under the tall tree in the garden corner. The possibilities are endless.

5.Your garden beds may include various types of flowering plants, shrubs or small trees. The beds must have well-defined edges built with bricks or stone to give your garden a neat, well-kept look.

6.The most important aspect of a perfect residential garden is its maintenance. Regular landscape maintenance is a must to keep your garden looking perfect all year round. You might opt to do this yourself or call in the professional Gardening Merrimac for the job.