Weed Control Keeps Your Garden Beautiful

Posted on December 1, 2017 By

Maintaining a lawn involves weed control as one of the most important aspects. Plants are most affected by weeds and they are undesirable, especially in human settlements. So far taxonomy is concerned, weeds have no botanical importance. Weeds reproduce at a faster rate and are considered unwanted because they spoil the look of a well-kept garden. Lawn care involves cleaning the weeds at periodic intervals and this can be best done by professionals.

When you plan to get a weed control done periodically then it is better to opt for a programme offered by the relevant companies and that is cost effective. The most commonly found one is weed removal six times a year. The first weed removal starts during the early days of spring followed by another during mid-spring. When summer comes, know that the third session is due. Since weeds proliferate fast prolonged gap in de-weeding will put you back to step one. So, go for the fourth weed controlling in late summer. The fifth session should be in early fall. When you complete all the six sessions by late fall you can be sure of having a weed-free lawn. The professionals take extra precaution so that such a lawn care programme does not affect other plants.

Make a contract for weed control that ensures that the gardening company will be ready for action in every season and you do not have to spend time in calling them up. You will get all the contact details from the website of these companies. Following the company’s social networking site link provides you information about new packages on offer and lets you share your experience and read about others’. While fixing a lawn care appointment, you have to provide them few basic information like the size of your lawn, whether the lawn is heavily planted or sparsely and other details like when you had last got your lawn tended and if you want pest control treatment too.

Your lawn should have a proper drainage system and dry leaves and twigs should be cleaned at periodic intervals. The most applicable methods of weed control are by spraying herbicides, using weed suppressant mulches by using a garden tool like a fork or a daisy grubber and things alike. You can also opt for selective removal of weeds during lawn care. There are agents that slow down the germination process of the weeds. Soaking the soil with a good weed control agent before planting any plant is a common practice too.